Vendor Package

Are you thinking about starting your own business in mobile rotisserie chicken catering? Then you may have a lot of challenging questions to consider: Where can I buy chickens and what do I have to pay attention to when purchasing? What catering technology should I use and how should the energy be supplied? Which hygiene regulations are there? What marketing strategy do I pursue gain attention? etc.

1000 questions that we have already found answers for at Hertel. Answers that have already been proven in practice. Operators who choose to partner with us under the Hertel Hähnchen or Country Grill brand will receive the all-round vendor package to help launch their new business: training, equipment, on-site coaching, help with the business plan and the assurance of being accompanied by experienced coach when taking this risky step.

Find out more about the Hertel Hähnchen vendor package in Germany and Country Grill worldwide.

Selling chicken worldwide

Rotisserie chicken is eaten all over the world. If you are based outside Germany and are interested in a partnership with us, we can offer you the Hertel Grilltechnik food truck together with the brand Country Grill: eye-catching display, help with starting your business and ready-made marketing materials included.

Discover the benefits of a Country Grill partnership!


"He who does not advertise dies!" goes the German saying. Hertel Grilltechnik food trucks offer the operator plenty of space for eye-catching advertising.

In the case of the Hertel Hähnchen brand, the advertising is affixed all around the Hertel Grilltechnik GmbH food trucks, supplemented by CI-compliant attachments such as flag, awning, tablecloth, etc. And, of course, the most recognisable brand symbol: the giant chicken on the roof!

As a Hertel Hähnchen partner, you will also benefit from regular know-how updates, ready-made hygiene concept and joint marketing.



Individual sales system

Tailor-made vendor packages

Do you have ideas for your own brand presence in your country? For example, you have already made a name for yourself with a conventional restaurant and would now like to complement your stationary business with a food truck? Then of course you want to use the awareness of your existing brand to support the launch of the food truck.

We have 50 years of experience in mobile catering and know a thing or two about food trucks. Not everything that works for a restaurant can withstand the pressures of mobile catering. On the street, a different approach is required to win the attention of potential customers. And the "to-go" concept does not work for all products. Also inside the food trucks, storage capacity for packaging, etc. is limited.

We look forward to advising you in person. Simply contact us to make an appointment.