Catering vehicles are our pride and joy. But we can also provide the basics, such as steel sheeting, stamping and welding, gas, electricity, water, refrigeration, and much more. With this portfolio, we provide an exceptionally high standard of service: interior fittings for food trucks as well as mobile pavilions, custom-made catering unit designed in stainless steel, individual grill units, gas TÜV for caravans ... We can all do this and much more.

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Grill units in all sizes

Hertel grill units

Hertel grills are robust, efficient and easy to maintain:

The grills offer single or double row accommodation for up to 13 spits. The infrared gas burners can be adjusted separately and gradually and ignited safely via the ignition strip. Equipped with turbo-aerator for higher temperatures and shorter grilling times as well as a safety pilot for automatic interruption of the gas supply in case of heat loss, performance and safety are guaranteed. The grill window protects the operator. All ball bearings are heat resistant and the large grease pan, all dividing panels, grill housing and side panels are made of stainless steel.

Stainless steel services

Sheet metal working

We process stainless steel - for over 25 years. Our core strengths are the solution-oriented planning and construction, precision workmanship and a high degree of flexibility.

We offer everything from handmade customised solutions, to one-off small batch production, up to series production – we provide solutions for whatever you need.


Grill accessories

Grill accessories

You’ll need more than just a grill unit to prepare quality food: our range of Hertel grill utensils and spits are the perfect complement to our efficient grill units.