Construction mechanic (m/f/d)

Our construction mechanics (m/f/d) manufacture and maintain the Hertel Grilltechnik superstructures. Important here is the accuracy and safe handling in cutting, edging, punching and welding.
  • 95126 Schwarzenbach/Saale, Germany
  • Full Time
  • Contact: Tom Böhmel +49 9284 950031

You need:

  • Completed an apprenticeship as a construction mechanic or metalworker
  • Experience in cutting, edging and punching of V2A sheet metal
  • Welders Card

We offer:

  • Working hours Mon - Thu 7:00 am -4:20 pm and Fri 7:00 am -1:20 pm
  • Workplace: Steinbachstr. 8, 95126 Schwarzenbach/S.
  • Hourly rate by agreement
  • No assembly
  • Nice small team of colleagues
  • Help with finding a home locally, if required

Hertel Grilltechnik GmbH manufactures and services food trucks, in particular for mobile rotisserie chicken caterers. We only buy the chassis. The body with integrated grill unit, hygiene area, refrigeration compartments, storage space, etc. is made 100% by us at our production site in Martinlamitz.

A construction mechanic at Hertel Grilltechnik GmbH cuts, edges and punches the individual parts out of V2A sheet metal and put them together to form the entire vehicle. We manufacture in small series.

It never gets boring: we are constantly introducing improvements to our standard vehicle. We also build food trucks for foreign markets as well as make customised vehicles for other companies.

Construction mechanic at Hertel Grilltechnik - What we build lasts!

Workplace: Oberfranken - Schwarzenbach/Saale
Contact: Tom Böhmel (09284 95 00 31)