Gas and water fitter (m/f/d)

Our food trucks are equipped with a propane gas tank. With the gas we cool and grill our meat specialties. Therefore, we need reliable and conscientious gas and water fitters (m/f/d) who maintain, install and repair the tanks.
  • 95126 Schwarzenbach/Saale, Germany
  • Full Time
  • Contact: Tom Böhmel +49 9284 950031

You need:

  • Completed vocational training as a plant mechanic (m/f/d) for sanitary, heating and air conditioning technology or comparable training
  • Ability to learn and accurate way of working
  • Reliability

We offer:

  • Full time permanent position
  • No assembly
  • Nice small team of colleagues
  • In-house canteen coming soon
  • Performance-related pay

Hertel Grilltechnik GmbH manufactures and services food trucks, in particular for mobile rotisserie chicken caterers. We only buy the chassis. The body with integrated grill unit, hygiene area, refrigeration compartments, storage space, etc. is made 100% by us at our production site in Martinlamitz.

Hertel food trucks should be able to perform and cool and grill meat products anytime, anywhere and at any outdoor temperature..

The gas and water fitters (m/f/d) of Hertel Grilltechnik create the technical conditions for this: Through the installation and reliable maintenance of gas tanks, safe gas installation and the installation of sufficient water supply. They bring the appropriate expertise, work conscientiously and responsibly, because safety always comes first.

Gas and water fitter (m/f/d) at Hertel Grilltechnik - What we build lasts!

Workplace: Oberfranken - Schwarzenbach/Saale
Contact: Tom Böhmel (09284 95 00 31)