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Hertel Grilltechnik GmbH manufactures food trucks for mobile caterers of grilled food. Before a food truck leaves our workshop, we ensure it is in reliable working condition. Because we believe the operators should be able to concentrate solely on the preparation of their food and customer service. Our standards for the quality of work of our employees and for us as employers are therefore correspondingly high.

Hertel Grilltechnik GmbH is a family-run company. The managing director visits the workshop floor several times a day to see how the work is progressing, which gives him a first-hand grasp of any problems that may arise and allows him to get to know the talents of his employees. We want every employee to be able to develop his or her abilities to the fullest, because motivated, satisfied employees are the key to our company’s success.

Everyone in our team is assigned an area of responsibility: grill construction, refrigeration and gas technology, sheet metal processing, etc.. Hertel Grilltechnik GmbH employs a team of specialists. We are always able to rise to new challenges such as changes in food truck regulations and country-specific adaptations to meet regional requirements.

We manufacture and maintain our vehicles at our production site in Martinlamitz, Germany. Each year, we take on one or two apprentices for training as a construction mechanic. We offer our employees family-friendly working hours, adequate pay and individually tailored training opportunities.

Join our team at Hertel Grilltechnik GmbH. We are happy to offer apprenticeships or trial days.