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The top model among sales trucks for rotisserie chicken

This is our favorite and state of the art sales vehicle. This type of concession vehicle has been used for over 40 years in our own rotisserie chicken company. The advantages are obvious: professional, durable, robust, fire proof, easy cleaning and the sales man is on an eye level with the customer. The expression "sell-outside sales vehicle" stands for an enclosed point of sale though the grill master stands outside of the vehicle and has direct contact to his customers. 


  • Mercedes Benz / Dodge, Ford, Mitsubishi
  • performance varies on chassis, compare with chart belowstempel-stainless_150


    Hertel superstructure made out of 100% stainless steel:

  • high durability, easy handling, low running costs
  • ideal hygiene conditions
  • high quality of manufacture - hand made 
  • fire proof - high security standard
  • sales drop shutter opens on the left side of driving direction
  • enclosed point of sale by extendable wind screens and wind barrier


  • two professional Hertel grill units
  •  - inspected gasinstallation without danger of  ice-formation
  • gas tank holds up to 120 Liter / 31,7 gallons of propane gas, installed horizontally within a fire-proof compartment
  • emergency power supply for grilling operation and refrigeration without external power
  • electric refrigeration as a supplement for the cost-saving gas refrigeration with liquid propane gas while grilling 
  • two refrigeration compartments; capacity 360 - 480 chicken
  • hygienic unit with two or four compartment sinks, including soap dispenser and holder for paper towels
  • watertank for warm and cold water; capacity 40 Liter / 10,7 gallons
  • Hertel's sell-outside sales vehicles and trailers are available in different designs and sizes. The selling amount and the size of the superstructure depends on the design you choose. We manufacture for your wishes and requirements.
       sell-outside sales vehicle 
    size L
     sell-outside sales vehicle
    size XL
     sell-outside sales vehicle
    size XXL
     Mercedes Benz / Dodge  Sprinter up to 3,5 t / 7716 lb  Sprinter up to 4,5 t / 9921 lb  Vario up to 5,99 t / 13206 lb
     performance chassis  65 - 135 kW  65 - 135 kW  95 - 130 kW
     type / number of grill units  2 x G11  2 x G13  2 x G13 + 1 x G11
     selling amount  360 chicken / day  480 chicken / day  900 chicken / day
     gas supply  1 tank max. 120 l / 31,7 gal  2 tanks max. 185 l / 48,9 gal  2 tanks max. 300 l / 79,3 gal
     current supply  power generator  power generator  power generator
     refrigeration service  gas und electric  gas und electric  gas und electric
     refrigeration capacity  360 chicken  480 chicken  480 chicken
     size of sinks  L  XL  XXL 
     storage capacity  3,8 m3 / 1003 gal  5,0 m3 / 1321 gal  7,0 m3 / 1849 gal

     Second hand price:

    ex 19´000 €

    ex 23´000 €

    ex 28´000 €

     Net price new:

     depends on typ and equipment - please contact us to get a quote




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