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 Pavilons for professional catering

All you need - professionally arranged on a small space.

We manufacture a customized design that fits to your selling location and to your product range. Size and number of elements can be arranged as required, from a small snack bar to a comfortable snack restaurant. Please contact us for further counseling.



  • Superstructure build with sandwich plates with alu / epoxy-glass resin with aluminum or stainless steel frame
  • Size and number of elements custom made for your needs
  • Interior fitting build with 100 % stainless steel in Hertel quality
  • Assortment and Arrangement of devices depending on your product range custom made for your needs

  • Rotisserie grill units, barbecue grills, doner kebab grill
  • Refrigeration compartment, refrigeration room, freezer compartment
  • Deep fryers, climate compartments
  • Hygiene package 
  • ........




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