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Compact vending trailers for rotisserie chicken in sizes M and L
Our trailers "sell-outide vending trailer" in sizes M and L offer a full grilling operation for medium and large amounts of chicken with little space and a low budget. 


  • Alko–trailers twin-axis
    for a total wight of 1,5 t / 3307 lb for M and 2,8 t / 6173 lb for L

Hertel superstructure: 

  • superstructure hand-made out of 100% stainless steel
    for high durability and excellent hygienic standards
  • high quality of manufacture
  • fire proof - high security standard
  • sales drop shutter opens on the left side of driving direction
  • enclosed point of sale due to extendable windscreens and wind barriers


 sell-outside vending trailer
size M

 sell-outside vending trailer
size L

 chassis  Alko twin-axis 1,5 t  / 3307 lb  Alko twin-axis 3,5 t / 6173 lb
 type and number of grill units  1 x G11   2 x G11 
 selling amount  180 chicken  360 chicken
 gas supply  2 gas bottles max. 90 l / 23,7 gal  1 tank max. 120 l / 31,7 gal
 current supply  power generator  power generator
 refrigeration service  gas and electric  gas and electric
 refrigeration capacity  240 chicken  360 chicken
 hygiene package  M  L
 storage capacity  2,4 m3 / 634 gal  3,8 m3 / 1003 gal

Second hand price: 

currently none on offer

ex 28´000 €

 Net price new:

depends on typ and equipment - please contact us to get a detailed quote






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